Online Registration

Another essential feature of some daycare management software is their ability for online registration. This element quickly organizes and streamlines your enrollment process. With this system, you can manage almost any type of online entry form that you require, and you can actually completely personalize the forms to collect only the data you need! Secure credit card processing should also be available to process deposits and initial payments. You should then be able to review any collected data through the simple online interface, and then import it directly into your daycare management software.

No longer must you manually enter registration information; and there is a great improvement in convenience for parents, as they can register from the comfort of their own home. Your daycare facility also has an increased professionalism, as many large and reputable institutions now fully rely on web-based registration. Not to mention the simple fact that postage and mailing costs are reduced.

In order to increase enrollment, and provide an easy and secure way to register, be sure to search for a daycare management software package that includes an online registration feature.