Fee Processing

The fee processing elements of certain daycare management software programs is another valuable tool that can make your life much simpler. A complete history of family charges, deposits, and payments should be able to be stored, which will reduce confusion and make referencing these past fees easy. With some daycare management software, you can also automatically post recurring childcare fees based on specific schedules, actual attendance, or both. You can even sometimes save the hours each week to guarantee that you won’t miss payment for extra hours, late fees, or supplementary services.

In addition, some daycare management software programs allow for payment posting; you can simply select an account, if necessary adjust the default payment amount, and enter the check number. The software takes care of the rest. You may also find a receipt feature in which you can validate deposit totals before they are posted to ledgers, and also print out your deposit slip. Another amazing aspect of certain daycare management software is the ability to collect fees with a simple electronic funds transfer interface, via a payment link in emailed invoices, and even integrated credit card processing from within the software!

The fee processing features of daycare management software are just another wonderful reason to look into these programs further. The comprehensive reporting, along with electronic payment processing and recurring payment histories are an invaluable advancement, capable of really reducing the complexity and difficulty of daycare management finances.