Essential Daycare Management Software Features

There are many important factors that need to be considered before purchasing daycare management software for your business. Listed below are some of the essential features that should be included in your daycare management software.

Database Management

You should be able to collect an unlimited amount of demographic and enrollment data. There should be a system administration tool that tracks your business information (e.g. location, hours, fees, etc.) and be able to apply this data where ever needed (e.g. billing, scheduling, reporting, etc.) There should be also be an intuitive password system in place for security purposes, which can be easily edited for all types of users.

Database Personalization

Screens and fields should be able to be easily added, deleted or modified, without you having or needing any computer programming skills.

Staff Information

Staff data should be easily accessed within the system and should contain such details as employment history, current benefits, work schedules, medical and contact data, certifications and other training specifications, and performance review notes.

Online Registration

Online registration should be available as an easy and efficient way to register clients. Features such as customizable forms for registration, staff applications, and other inquiries; and easy integration with your existing website are crucial. Click here to learn more about online registration.

Custom Reports

Your daycare management software should contain an easy way to create custom reports. You should be able to specify which fields/data to include very easily and sort your selections. Control over styles and fonts is important, Also, various formats should also be available; listings, summaries, and labels are some of the most common. Also, the ability to analyze your statistics is important, as well as being able to export all your files from the daycare management software to 3 rd party programs like Word and Excel . Click here to learn more about custom reports.

Scheduling & Attendance

Being able to set recurring schedules, note vacations and planned absences, track staff schedules, efficiency reports, child to staff ratios, and actual attendance are important features that should be included in your daycare management software. Click here to learn more about scheduling and attendance.

Time Clock

Certain daycare management software packages include bundled time clocks capable of keeping accurate and controlled arrival and departure data. These time clocks should be able to track both child and staff hours for easy accounting purposes; some even contain ways to create messages for parents and staff, and program a fire drill report. Click here to learn more about the time clock feature.

Door Access Control

Another interesting and useful feature of some daycare management software programs is a door access control system that links directly with the included time clock to provide a low cost way to control access to your facility and provide added safety. Click here to learn more about door access control.

Accounts Receivable

An essential part of you daycare management software is accounts receivable. It should track the complete history of all family charges and payments, including cash receipts. It should help you keep accurate financial records for better decisions, as well as reporting for your bank, accountant and government reporting.

Accounting or Integration to Accounting Programs

The ability for your daycare management program to either integrate with or include an accounting package could save a lot of time by eliminating double data entry. Click here to learn about QuickBooks integration.

Payroll Calculation

An extremely useful feature of some daycare management software accounting programs is their payroll calculation options. Some software can actually calculate wages, taxes, and other deductions; keep track of all overtime, vacation, and sick pay; print payroll checks; and deposit pay directly.