Daycare Management Software Time Clock

The time clock aspect of some daycare management software is a very helpful feature that can really simplify attendance tracking. Integrated time clocks can obviously record arrival and departure times, but they also can improve communication with parents and staff, and provide totally secure access to your facility. Professional-grade models can even automatically update child and staff attendance records for reports and easy billing, and can be used with several different interfaces or devices.

With daycare management software time clocks, you will be able to ensure perfectly accurate attendance records for each child and staff member, enhance parent communication through messaging features, improve efficiency within your staff, reduce your administrative efforts, and completely eliminate separate time clocks and cumbersome door release systems. Many versions of this type of computer-driven time clock also support a wide variety of interfaces such as normal keypads, touch screens, biometric fingerprint readers, remote data terminals, and bar code readers. You should look for a full-featured time clock that fits your needs now (simple attendance tracking), but provides additional functionality you may use in the future (door release, parent messaging, etc.).