Daycare Management Software Product Overview

Daycare management software should be easy to use, make your job easier and, most importantly it should contain all of the essential features that you require to better run your daycare center. Daycare management software without one vital element could be impairing your organization. You really should only decide on a daycare management software package when you have researched all of the available features and are certain which ones are important to you now, and which ones may need as your center grows.

Here are some important daycare management software features that are available:

  • Organized management of family, child and staff data
  • creation of family application and waiting lists
  • Extensive reporting capabilities and customizable reports
  • scheduling and attendance management
  • electronic billing
  • accounts payable and receivable
  • online registration
  • general ledger
  • payroll details
  • integrated time clock
  • integrated door access controls
  • merging capabilities
  • e-mail marketing and invoicing
  • childcare food programs
  • integration with 3rd party software like Microsoft Office and accounting (e.g. QuickBooks)