Daycare Management Software for Your Daycare Center

Save Time and Streamline Business Practices

The daycare management software that you use should have a host of useful elements built-in that will make it easy for you to integrate it seamlessly into your daycare center management process. Handling many different types of data is very important – demographics, enrollment statistics, and prospective client information should all be able to be added and customized wherever possible. Also, some daycare management software can be personalized before you even receive it, matching your existing forms, procedures, and terminology. And, because of the customizable aspects, as your needs change, the software should provide easy ways to add or alter screens and fields.

Enhance Information Management and Increase Your Center’s Professionalism

When researching, be aware that the daycare management software you choose should contain such essential features as the ability to input pictures of each child, each child’s parents, other individuals who pick up the children, and all members of your staff; data security features like password protection; and places to enter and save emergency contact information. When choosing daycare management software, some other helpful elements to watch out for are:

  • customizable checklists for forms and parent permission slips
  • tabbed windows for quick and easy access to data
  • extra note fields for notation of accidents, developmental issues, and any other commentary
  • lists and notes for safe, authorized pick-ups
  • ability to create user-defined fields and screens
  • flexible management reports able to be sorted and filtered for whatever date you require
  • option for convenient online registration
  • integration with e-mail software for personalized communication through group e-mails or newsletters